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    acai berry gandji nutrition

    Acai Berry Superfood

    Acai Berry Superfood, our high-strength superfood supplement has three other specially selected ingredients grape seed extract and pomegranate and resveratrol, which are full of super goo...

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    Alkaline Support Kit

    Alkaline Support Kit  is an effortless way to re-alkalise the body from natural sources. It comes with four highly nutritional supplements including Aqua Earth, Radiance, Beet & Chee...

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  • aloe vera cleanse gandji nutrition
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    krill oil antarctic gandji nutrition

    Antarctic Krill Oil

    Antarctic Krill Oil, Our high-grade supplement  is sourced exclusively from sustainable fisheries in the Antarctic through our partners Aker BioMarine™, who work with World Wildlife Fo...

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    probiotic boulardii biotic gandji nutrition
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  • cathartic cleanse gandji nutrition

    Cathartic Cleanse

    Cathartic Cleanse is powerful fast-acting laxative made with ten active herbs such as Glucomannan, Aloe Vera and Barberry Bark to stimulate the bowel and red...

  • probiotic-complete probio gandji nutrition

    Complete ProBio

    Complete ProBio has powerful strains of friendly bacteria to support a healthy digestion for the lower and upper intestines. Each capsule has a massive 20 Billion Organisms to assist the ...

  • probiotic prebiotic early probio gandji nutrition

    Early ProBio

    Early ProBio is a gentle probiotic supplement for babies and children of all ages. It contains seven different strains including the child-specific Bifidobacterium infantis and ...

  • gut detox gandji nutrition

    Gut Detox

    Gut Detox is comprehensive digestion aid made with twelve herbs to support the correct balance of gut micro-flora, integrity of the gastrointestinal tract and encourages the growth of fri...

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    happy joints gandji nutrition

    Happy Joints

    Happy Joints is a comprehensive supplement packed with MSM and bioavailable glucosamine HCL to support healthy muscle, joints and connective tissue and more!

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  • herb-free cleanser gandji nutrition

    Herb-Free Cleanser

    Herb-Free Cleanser is gentle way to cleanse and detox. It has a special ingredient magnesium peroxide which uses oxygen instead of herbs to cleanse the colon. It helps to relieve constipa...

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    L-glutamine gandji nutrition


    L-Glutamine is a pure amino acid powder needed to support the body’s ability to repair muscles, bones and connective tissues. It also aids maintenance and digestive health especiall...

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  • lean multi fibre gandji nutrition

    Lean Multi Fibre

    Lean Multi Fibre is a combination of dietary fibre, probiotics, prebiotics, glucomannan, L-Glutamine and gut-soothing herbs to support your gut, healthy digestion and encourage bowel regu...

  • liver support gandji nutrition

    Liver Support

    Liver Support is tailored herbal food supplement to cleanse the liver and gallbladder. It is made with fourteen ingredients to provide a full support to reduce impurities from these detox...

  • probiotic multi-strain probio gandji nutrition

    Multi-Strain ProBio

    Multi-Strain ProBiotic has eight strains of powerful friendly bacteria to support a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut. Each capsule has a whopping 4 billion organisms w...

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    nutri-manager gandji nutrition

    Nutri Manager

    Nutri Manager is a weight management supplement made with Green Coffee Extract, Glucomannan and Kidney Bean Extract to support appetite control and the regulation of cravings. It also co...

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  • watershed gandji nutrition